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Sun Infra Engineering is a part of the SunRise Group that operates in various industries, including Infra, telecom, and commercial vehicles. The group has its own buildings that are rented to companies like Big Bazar, L&T Financial Services Ltd., LIC Housing Finance Ltd., Hinduja Finance Ltd., Tata Motors Finance, HDB Financial Service Ltd., and Union Bank of India R.O.

In 2019, the group started its commercial vehicle dealership with Mahindra Truck and Bus for the Lucknow and Ayodhya zones and established a 3S setup. The following year, the group started a Construction Equipment Dealership of Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. for all of Uttar Pradesh, excluding Jhansi and NCR.

The managing director of the company, Mr. Santosh Singh, is the face of the group. He completed his B.A. & LL.B. from Allahabad University and started his own business by setting up an HPCL petrol pump in Faizabad in 1998. After getting positive results, he entered the telecom sector in 2001 by partnering with Indus Tower Limited and filling telecom network towers for various companies such as ATC, Vodafone, and BSNL. He was also involved in setting up Reliance Jio Fiber in Eastern Uttar Pradesh from 2007 to 2009.

Mr. Singh then entered the Infra business by constructing his own buildings and renting them out to various customers. In 2019, he ventured into the automobile industry by starting a Mahindra Truck and Bus dealership for the Lucknow and Ayodhya zones. Despite the previous dealer's defaults to banks and financial institutions and customer dissatisfaction, Mr. Singh was able to provide high-quality sales and customer satisfaction.

In 2020, Mr. Singh started a construction equipment business with Kobelco Construction Equipment India Limited for Uttar Pradesh, excluding NCR and Jhansi zones. The business has seen high sales of both machines and parts in the past five years due to the company's commitment to providing excellent customer service and prompt delivery of parts.

Mr. Singh is dedicated to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by regularly meeting with customers and providing quality service in his automobile business. He spends a significant amount of time in the workshop to ensure that customers receive the best service possible. His philosophy is that a satisfied customer will bring positive word-of-mouth, which will help to increase the business.


Behind the high-performance Mahindra trucks, is a service network that’s equally strong. Over 2900 service points to improve your reach on important trucking routes.





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